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Who is NCMA

We are the National Constables and Marshals Association

318-673-68001244 Texas Avenue Shreveport, LA 71101

since 1973

The National Constables Association (NCA) was founded in 1973 in the State of New Jersey as the National Police Constables Association (NPCA).

After a series of efforts failed to excite constable participation, the incorporator, Kenneth R. Worflar, a lone, local constable left the field. Before leaving, Worflar met with and encouraged Hal Lefcourt, then serving as Executive Director for the Pennsylvania State Constables Association (PSCA), to continue the effort.

Lefcourt enlisted the support of the President of the PSCA, Constable Larry Mascia and PSCA Treasurer, Constable E. H. Woody Riley”, Jr. With a minimum amount of funds, they were able to communicate with potential member states in which a constable system functioned.

In February 1976, the original organization was dissolved and Lefcourt, Mascia and Riley, incorporated a new NPCA in the state of Pennsylvania as a non-profit, fraternal organization. Constable Mascia left the constable field shortly thereafter and it remained for founders Lefcourt and Constable Riley to carry on. Funds were raised to absorb the costs of communicating with existing state constable groups and to encourage their participation in a “fight for survival”… an effort to save the constable system.

Two national surveys were conducted to seek out from Attorney Generals in each of the 50 states, the names and addresses of the state constables group or individual constables and to ascertain the status of the constable system. The surveys, in 1976, and 1980 indicated no less than 13 states had eliminated the time-honored position of the constable.

It was obvious that action had to be taken immediately to save the position of constable from extinction. This was one of the original goals that Kenneth R. Worflar had when he created the first organization.

Lefcourt and Riley then called the first organizing meeting of a national board for the NPCA. The sight was Harrah’s Hotel in Atlantic City, February 22, and 23, 1981. Ten state presidents were invited to attend. Those who attended included the presidents of constable associations from the states of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Massachusetts. The first order of business saw the group vote unanimously to take the first action to restore the identity, respect and dignity once enjoyed by the constable. They changed the name of NPCA to the NCA, the National Constables Association. It wasn’t long before five more state constable groups were added as members of NCA. They included Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio. Then other state groups followed Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Maine, Connecticut, Wisconsin and Vermont.

On April 01, 2006, in Springdale, Arkansas, the NCA Board of Directors presented to the membership a new set of By Laws that had been in the works since the last convention and board meeting in Galveston, Texas, in 2005. The membership adopted the new By Laws that gave the organization a much needed change bringing the NCA into a modern day organization.

In 2013, the NCA Board of Directors met, voted and changed the name of the National Constables Association (NCA) to the National Constable and Marshals Association (NCMA) to reflect and recognize the membership of both constables and marshals. The NCMA is a nonprofit association and is now registered in Louisiana.

The National Constables and Marshals Association continues Kenneth R. Worflars’ legacy to encourage a close and positive relationship with other agencies, to protect and present a strong, united and professional approach to matters and concerns challenging the constables and to continue to offer quality education and training programs for its members.

The law enforcement community sees the constable as an answer to lifting their departments financial burden and each state uses the constables in various areas that best serve the citizens in that state through the justice system.

Leo M. Bullock, III
Board of Directors, Alabama

Updated January 2018 with the addition of identifying and naming the lone constable, Kenneth R. Worflar, that started the original organization to provide a national association for constables to come together to address current issues, develop training opportunities and to strengthen the constable system to protect the office for the people.

Our Purpose

    • To maintain a close and positive relationship with all other law enforcement agencies.
    • To establish and maintain an organization of elected and appointed Constables and Marshals to present a strong, united, and professional approach to all matters of concern to the Members.
    • To upgrade the quality of performance of the Constable and Marshal through education and training programs.
    • To urge our best efforts for the Constable and Marshal to become actively involved in civic and community organizations and activities.
    • To help develop a program of benefits in health and accident, disability, life insurance and other benefits to the Constables, Marshals and their families.
    • To protect and upgrade the legislated duties and responsibilities of Constables and Marshals and to maintain a vigilance in protecting the security and statute of the Constable and Marshal.
    • The directors, officers and members of the National Constables And Marshals Association fully realize their obligation to improve the status and role of the Law Enforcement Professional in the delivery of justice system.

    * justice with understanding


Over 300 Constables, Marshals, Deputie, and Clerks


Membership from across our Nation


Constables' and Marshal's Code of ethics

As an elected and appointed public servant, sworn to carry out the constitutional responsibilities of the position of Constable and Marshal:

  • I shall dutifully carry out the duties of my office.
  • I shall, at all times, function without prejudice or regard for an individual’s race, religion, or place of birth.
  • I shall never be a part of an attempt to inhibit or evade the law.
  • I shall at all time act in a manner in which understanding and justice is communicated to those with whom I come into contact in my work.
  • I shall conduct my private life unblemished and mindful of others.
  • I shall be courteous and maintain self-restraint.
  • I shall be a part of the professional organization designed to protect and upgrade the performance of the Constable and Marshal.
  • I shall not personally solicit for funds in the performance of my work to enhance any organization.
  • I shall seek every opportunity for such training as will enhance my ability to do a better job.
  • I recognize my badge of authority as a symbol of the public trust and I recognize that as a law enforcement officer, I shall never bring disgrace upon the people, whose faith and confidence elected me as their Constable or Marshal.
  • I recognize my duty to protect the constitutional rights of all people.
  • I shall at all times wear appropriate attire and the necessary equipment to carry out my responsibilities.
  • I shall never speak with criticism of a fellow Constable and Marshal except at the appropriate forum provided by an appropriate Constables and Marshals’ organization.
  • I shall never knowingly infringe upon the operation of another Constable and Marshal.
  • I shall never resort to unnecessary force in the performance of my duties.
  • I shall not accept gratuities offered by anyone employing my service.
  • I shall perform my duties expeditiously and promptly, and I shall transmit an immediate report to those whose work I have accepted.
  • I shall strive to adhere to the aforementioned as long as I shall serve as
    Constable or Marshal.

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